Peranakan Canape


May 07

Canapé is the ultimate in finger food, perfect for pre-dinner cocktails, tea time, a light lunch to impress guests, or as celebration food to be enjoyed with wine. Whatever the occasion, canapé offers a wide range of tastes and also encourage conversations as guests enjoy the little bites while standing up and moving about. A PeraMakan canapé buffet offers guests something different to talk about as a wide range of flavours from the traditional Nyonya cuisine can be found in the different types of canapé offered. An understanding of flavours and textures are important when it comes to preparing canapé that uses the robust spices that made up the Nyonya cuisine. Creamy food such as avocados, cheese, yoghurt, and melted chocolate (with the buah keluak pulp) are used to tone down the spices used for a PeraMakan canapé buffet.

Combining ingredients together and yet retaining a distinctive Peranakan flavour requires the chef to be creative, imaginative, and original in his inventions. Canape inventions bring out the artist in the chef. Presenting a beautiful piece of art in the form of food and creating a myriad of flavours that pairs well with the main ingredient served is a delightful experience for both the chef and the guests.

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